Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kis Ls Inc. Capability Statement

We Take the Risk; it’s proven! Kis Ls Inc. is the trusted results & project close out partner for business and individual consulting since 2013 servicing over 2200 clients! Kis Ls Inc. guarantees a professional solution service that yields measurable results by being persistent, flexible, objective, technology forward and building strategic partnerships.

Specialized Strategic Plan & Partnership

}   “The FACE” to Face Contact for SBE firms=local representative to attend meetings, conferences, seminars…

}  Get Your Information/focus heard by desired audience

}  Maintain up to date information for key players

}  Risk mitigation

}  Keep Stake Holders Happy= Direct line of contact with contracted subs & communication follow through support during project.

The Professional extension of your staff innovatively & objectively thinking through your next project.

Kis LS Inc. Way…                                                NAICS CODES                    DUNS 107871073

Community Outreach                                                        541611                                                                                                                                              

Communications                                                                561110

Motivator behind leadership objectives                             541213

Meeting Moderator & Virtual hosting                                 611710

Training & Seminar consultant/presenter                            524298

Nonprofit Leadership                                                         524210

Small Business Outreach


Connecting business and communities with resources, relationship and idea development

Small Business Procurement Curator

Community Business Success Needs Identifier & Connection

Program Development & Management


Consulting & Management Services

Connecting the dots…lending professional experience and expertise across multiple business verticals. Sticking to the fundamentals we gain full comprehension of your desired results. Through applied effective communication & documentation vehicles strategically planned

Valued Partnerships Past Performance

Face to Face business blueprint outreach & training and development

Facilitated & Host Interactive meetings, seminars & trade shows, networking events (in person & virtual)

Built and maintained secure business partnerships and communities